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Vista Energy has the expertise and market access to offer competitively priced natural gas and electricity plans and make a difference in your cost of doing business.
We can offer flexible delivery and unique pricing options that cater to your individual needs.

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You now have the option to purchase gas from a 3rd party provider. Thanks to deregulation, Vista Energy Marketing can supply your natural gas on your current provider’s system. We provide a competitive price made possible through our unique access to Wholesale markets.

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About Vista Energy Commercial Services

Vista serves a number of mid-sized businesses ranging from family laundry services to various types of manufacturing. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our products.

Our agents are available to help Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CST

Pricing Options

Vista Energy Marketing offers a variety of pricing options for our larger customers. We operate on an active trade floor with access to numerous exchanges and markets. This allows us to act quickly and concisely to fulfill each customers needs.

  • Fixed Rate Contracts: We can supply you with a fixed price for natural gas, eliminating your exposure to volatile markets. Your business can lock in a key component of it’s operating cost for the short or long term.
  • Variable Rate Contracts: If you more comfortable allowing your cost of gas to float with the market each month, this plan will be more suitable.
  • Hybrid Rate Plans: If you would like to float with the market, but not for your entire monthly load, we can establish a contract with both a fixed and a variable component.
  • Fixed Price Triggers: Some of our customers prefer to watch natural gas markets and make their own price calls. If a customer sees the market sink to a favorable level we can lock in the price.
  • Seasonal Contracts: Many of our customers burn a bulk of their gas in specific times of year. We offer contracts that lock in prices for those seasonal needs.

Why Vista Energy?

If you are currently buying your gas or electricity from a traditional energy provider in one of our many service areas, you now have the option to purchase gas and electricity from Vista as a third-party provider at much lower rates. Thanks to deregulation, Vista Energy can now supply your natural gas and electricity through these traditional systems. We provide a competitive price made possible through our unique access to Wholesale markets.

Energy Expertise

We are experts for all markets we serve. We use our knowledge to ensure that you are getting the best value for your natural gas & electricity.

Competitive Prices

A low overhead and aggressive cost acquisition strategy allows Vista to focus solely on finding the cheapest gas & electricity available.

Superior Customer Service

Vista Energy employs a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable representatives to ensure that your concerns and questions are quickly addressed.

Have Questions? Call Us!

Our representatives are waiting to help you Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CST


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions or concerns, please send us an email through the contact us section of the website and a representative will respond upon receipt.

  • Is Vista part of NICOR?

    No, Vista has been approved to participate in the NICOR Customer Select Program, but we are not part of Nicor. Vista is certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and must meet certain business and credit standards. This includes a code of conduct related to telemarketing practices, handling of customer complaints, maintaining adequate gas supply and pipeline capacity, and obeying truth-in-advertising laws.

  • What is Customer Select?

    In the Nicor Gas Customer Select program, you have the ability to purchase your natural gas from another supplier. Customer Select is all about choices. It's a voluntary, free program offered by Nicor Gas that allows you to choose your natural gas supplier. As of March 1, 2002, all Nicor Gas residential and business customers are eligible to participate in Customer Select, a program that allows you to choose your natural gas supplier.

  • Who do I call about a problem or emergency?

    Call Nicor Gas at 1-888-Nicor4u (1-888-642-6748). As always, Nicor is responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of your gas. If you have a question or problem with the bill for your natural gas supply, you should call Vista Energy directly.

  • Can I still use Nicor Gas' Budget Plan and electronic funds transfer under Customer Select?

    Yes, although your Budget Plan amount will only apply to the utility delivery charges on your bill. If you'd like to sign up for either one of these options, call Nicor at 888.Nicor4u (888.642.6748) or check the Budget Plan box on your payment stub.

  • Who bills me for gas if I switch to Vista Energy?

    Your bill continues to come from Nicor. Through the Customer Select Program, the transition will be seamless. The only difference is that Vista will appear as the gas supplier on your bill. By participating in Customer Select, you're not "leaving" Nicor Gas. Nicor will still respond to emergencies, deliver the gas to you and read your meter. You're only choosing another supplier to purchase your gas.

  • Will there be any additional charges from Nicor Gas if I switch to Vista Energy?

    There is no increased cost to switch to Vista Energy from Nicor Gas. However, you will see two new line items on your Nicor Gas bill if you choose to participate in Customer Select – a Customer Select Charge and a Transportation Service Credit. The Customer Select Charge recovers the costs from pipelines to assist in the daily balancing of gas supplies on Nicor Gas' system. The Customer Select Charge is not an additional cost for Customer Select participants – customers buying their gas from Nicor Gas pay this charge as part of their overall Gas Supply Charge. The Customer Select Charge is billed to customers based on usage. The rate may change each month and it is filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission. The Transportation Service Credit is a credit for certain costs that are included in our distribution rates that are not incurred by Customer Select customers – such as some uncollectible expenses and storage costs. It is credited to customers based on usage.

  • What happens if I move?

    If you move within Nicor Gas' service territory, your Customer Select contract will move with you. If you move outside Nicor Gas' territory, your participation in Customer Select automatically ends.

  • When will my service start with Nicor after canceling with Vista Energy?

    Your return date to Nicor's service will be determined based on the meter read cycle. If Vista Energy submits a cancellation request to Nicor and Nicor accepts the disconnect request 15 days before the next meter read date then your service will begin with Nicor on the next meter read date. If the cancellation request is submitted less than 15 days of the next meter read date, then your service with Nicor will begin on the next month's meter read date.

  • How does Vista beat the utility?

    Natural gas has been deregulated in many parts of the country. Thanks to deregulation, we can supply your natural gas at a discount. Vista has the expertise to buy the natural gas in the competitive open wholesale market at a lower price. We then deliver your natural gas to your local utility system straight to your home. The switch to Vista is easy. There are no setup or connection fees. The utility will continue to charge you for gas transmission, but Vista will give you the opportunity to save on your natural gas. The natural gas wholesale market is extremely competitive with hundreds of producer and suppliers connected by miles and miles of pipelines. A low overhead and aggressive cost acquisition strategy allows Vista to focus solely on finding the cheapest gas available without the bureaucratic constraints of a large government regulated utility. Our strategy is to keep it simple and nimble.

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